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March 19 2011.

After a fatal attack in 2009 a bounty was placed on coyotes by the NS government (applicable to licensed trappers only). Since that time a wildlife investigation report system has had about 234 reports related to coyotes. There has been an unconfirmed report of a pack of five coyotes about three miles from where we live, and the local gossip is that there is at least one patrolling our road.

On to our story. The full moon that night was going to be at its closest point to our planet and Fishgirl wanted to take some pictures for her group photography project. I told her we'd have to go down to the beach, which is about 150 feet from our house, otherwise the trees would be in the way. At 10pm off we troop through the darkness (and deer poop) down to the shore. After about ten minutes of her taking pictures I sensed something behind us. I turned around and pointed the nearly useless flashlight back up the yard. A pair of bright eyes, about halfway to the house, shone towards me, I couldn't distinguish its outline. The land slopes down to where we were and I judged the height of whatever it was to be about two feet. I lowered the beam and the eyes followed downwards. My mind said coyote, and where there was one there was bound to be others. I continued to shine the flashlight for another minute and the two eyes continued to stare at us. Was I scared? You bet I was. But, during this time, I went through the checklist of what to do. Don't give ground or run (we couldn't anyway because the sea was lapping at our feet), appear large, and make lots of noise. Then, just before we applied all of the above, the animal took a sideways leap and I could faintly see a white tail come to attention. A young deer, about three feet high (I later considered that perspective and distance fooled me in my judgement). My heart didn't settle down until we were back indoors.

P.S. He was here again the following night, at around 8pm. When I stepped out of the basement door he just stared at me. I quietly whispered what I thought of him. He ignored me, dipped his head and continued to munch on the grass.

Here is Fishgirls take on the encounter...

So, down to the beach with the new tripod Santa brought for the point and shoot. Tromp, tromp, tromp. The spouse with the $2.99 flashlight. He says we have to shoot the moon shot from the beach. Tromp, tromp. I set up. Cold as all get out, fingers very cold. Pushing many buttons and trying my best to remember the tutorial. Forget it all and just keep hitting things, change shutter speed, change aperture, just keep changing. Spouse says, "A coyote." My heart skips a beat. We have had a problem and a death in 2009 of a young woman. I said, "Oh yeah?" Mrs. Calm. He shines the $2.99 flashlight and says, "See the eyes?" I am now in flat panic mode, ready to start swimming. That's my thought, kick off my boots and swim. Can they swim? Can I hit him with the tripod? Have I mentioned I'm blind as a bat? I say, "No, I can't see anything." He says, "Right there!" I say, "NO, I CAN'T SEE IT!" He says, "Make yourself appear large" and for once I am grateful for every bag of chips consumed in the past month and for the fish and chips I ate so fast I chipped a tooth by biting the fork. I say, "I still can't SEE HIM!" Long silence. Spouse exhales and says a word, followed by "It's a deer." I say, "ARE YOU SURE?" He says, "I think I saw the tail." We then start back to the house. I've dislodged the camera and am swinging the tripod and have opened the flash on the camera and am making it FLASH every time it takes the charge. We get inside. I say, "Well, that was quite something." He said, "Yes."

I am now going to wash my underwear. Without this project I'd have been sitting on the couch watching "Cops." The things you make me do. End of story.

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