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A cross reference of common fly names to taxonomic names.
This is a compilation of sixteen hatch charts and various other sources.
Numbers in brackets indicate number of times the charts agreed.
Last update Jan 14 2004

Acentrella carolina    Blue Dun Blue Wing Olive (4)
Acroneuria sp.    Golden Stonefly #8-4x (2)
Acroneuria evoluta    Great Yellow Stonefly
Acroneuria lycorias    Golden stone or Willow fly (2)
Allocapnia granulata   Tiny Early Winter Black Stonefly (2)
Allocapnia vivipara    Tiny Early Winter Black Stonefly (2)
Alloperla sp.   Little Yellow or Green Stonefly
Alloperla caudata    Little Yellow Stonefly
Alloperla imbecilla    Little Green Stonefly (3)
Alloperla signata    Little olive stone
Ameletus    Dark Brown Spinner
Ameletus ludens    Dark Quill Gordon #12-14 (2)
Amiocentrus aspilus    Little western weedy-water sedge
Anthopotamus distinctus    Cream Variant
Arctopsyche    Grey Spotted Sedge
Attenella attenuata    Tiny Dun Variant
Baetis bicaudatus    Iron Blue Dun (BWO), Little dark blue winged olive #20
Baetis bruneicolor    Dark blue winged Olive #18-20
Baetis cingulatus    Tiny Blue winged Olive (2), Blue Wing Olive
Baetis flavistriga    Dark blue winged Olive #20-22, Slate Winged Brown Quill
Baetis hageni    Dark blue winged Olive #20
Baetis heimalis    Slate Wing Brown Mayfly (2), Blue winged olive
Baetisca laurentina    Speckled Winged Dun
Baetis levitans    Blue winged olive (2), Little Medium Olive #22
Baetis parvus    Little Blue Quill (BWO), Light blue winged Olive #20
Baetis phoebus    Dark blue winged Olive #20-22
Baetis propincus    Iron Blue Dun (BWO) (2)
Baetis pygmaeus    Little Medium Olive #22 (3)
Baetis sp.    Dark Blue Quill
Baetis tricaudatus    Blue winged Olive (5), Dark blue winged Olive #18-20, Little Blue Dun, Little Blue Quill (BWO)
Baetis vagans    Blue Wing Olive (4), Dark Blue Winged Olive #18-20 (2)
Blasturus cupidas    Red Quill
Brachycentrus    Black caddis, Light wing, apple green body caddis #16-20
Brachycentrus americanus    American grannom (5)
Brachycentrus appalachia    Little black caddis #16
Brachycentrus lateralis    Little black caddis #16
Brachycentrus numerosus    Grannom Caddis Leadwing Coachman (2), Little black caddis #16
Brachycentrus occidentalis    Early grannom
Brachycentrus solomoni    Little black caddis #16
Brachyptera fasciata    Early Brown Stonefly (2)
Brachyptera nigripennis    Early Brown Stone
Caenis hilaris    Tiny White Winged Curse
Calineuria Californica    Golden stone
Callibaetis sp.    Speckle-Wing Quill, Grey Quill (2)
Callibaetis americanus   Ginger Quill, Grey Quill
Callibaetis coloradensis   Grey Quill
Callibaetis ferrugineus    Speckled Winged Dun
Callibaetis nigritus   Grey Quill, Pale Olive Quill, Ginger Quill
Capnia vernalis    Little Black Stone Black Hares Ear (2)
Capnia wavmer    Early Black Stone
Ceraclea transversa    Dark long-horned sedge #16
Ceratopsyche bifida    Cinnamon caddis #16
Ceratopsyche sparna    Cinnamon caddis #16
Ceratopsyche slossonae    Cinnamon caddis #16
Cheumatopsyche    Little Spotted Sedge
Cheumatopsyche campyla    Little sister sedge #18 (2)
Cheumatopsyche harwoodi    Little sister sedge #18
Cheumatopsyche lasia    Little sister sedge #18
Cheumatopsyche pettiti    Little sister sedge #18
Cheumatopsyche speciosa    Little sister sedge #18
Cheumatopysche sp    Little Green Sedge
Chimarra aterrima    Little Black Caddis (7)
Chimarra obscura    Little Black Caddis
Cynigmula subaequalis    Speckled Winged Dun
Cinygmula ramaleyi    Dark Red Quill, Dark Great Red Quill
Claassenia sabulosa    Giant Golden Stone (2)
Cloeon ingens    Tiny BWO
Dicosmoecus sp.    Great Orange Caddis
Diptera    Midges
Diptera    Crane fly
Dolophilodes aequalis    Medium evening sedge
Dolophilodes distinctus    Medium evening sedge
Drunella coloradenis    Slate-Winged Olive
Drunella cornuta    Large Blue Wing Olive
Drunella doddsi    Western Green Drake
Drunella flavilinea    Small Western Green Drake
Drunella grandis    Western Green Drake (2)
Drunella lata    Blue WInged Olive
Drunella walkeri    Blue winged olive
Epeorus fraudator    Quill Gordon (2)
Epeorus longimanus    Dark Gordon Quill
Epeorus nitidus    Dark Great Red Quill
Epeorus pleuralis    Quill Gordon (10), Gray Winged Quill Gordon
Epeorus vitrea    Pale Watery Dun (3), Little Marryatt (2), Ginger Quill, Little Sulphur Dun
Epeorus vitreus    Pink Cahill (2), Quill Gordon #12-14, Light Cahill, Pale Evening Dun female, Yellow Quill
Ephemera guttulata    Green Drake (5), Coffin Fly (2), Eastern Green Drake (2), Grey Fox Variant (2), White Wulff (2)
Ephemera simulans    Brown Drake (5), Cream Variant (3), Yellow Drake (2), Golden Drake, Green Drake
Ephemerella attenuata    Blue Winged Olive (2), Blue Quill, Light Blue Wing Olive
Ephemerella cornuta    Blue Winged Olive #14-16 (4), Light Blue Winged Olive
Ephemerella cornutella    Light Blue Wing Olive #18 (2)
Ephemerella deficiens    Dark Blue Wing Olive #20-22 (2), Blue Quill
Ephemerella depressa    Dark Blue Wing Olive #18-20 (2)
Ephemerella doddsi    Western Green Drake
Ephemerella dorothea    Sulphur Dun (6), Little Marryatt (2), Pale Evening Dun (2), Pale Watery Dun (2)
Ephemerella glacialis    Western Green Drake
Ephemerella grandis    Dark Great Red Quill, Western Green Drake
Ephemerella hecuba    Giant western red quill
Ephemerella inermis    Pale Morning Dun (3), Pale Olive Quill
Ephemerella infrequens    Pale Morning Dun
Ephemerella invaria    Hendrickson (3), True Hendrickson (2), Light Cahill, Light Hendrickson, Light Hendrickson female, Pale Evening Dun
Ephemerella lacustris    Pale morning dun
Ephemerella lata    Slate Winged Olive (3), Dark Blue Wing Olive (2)
Ephemerella needhami    Red Quill (3)
Ephemerella rotunda    Sulfur dun (4), Light Hendrickson (3), Hendrickson (2), Pale Evening Dun, Dark Hendrickson, Red Quill
Ephemerella septenttrionalis    Pale evening dun
Ephemerella simple    Dark Slate Wing Olive (2)
Ephemerella subvaria    Dark Hendrickson (8), Red Quill (8), Hendrickson (female) (5)
Ephemerella walkeri    Slate Winged Olive (2), Olive Dun
Ephoron album    White Fly Mayfly (5)
Ephoron leukon    White Fly
Frenesia    Dot Wing Winter Sedge
Glossosoma sp.    Medium wing, medium brown body cadddis #14-18
Glossosoma nigrior    Tiny black caddis (short horn sedge) #20
Glossosoma velona    Tan short horn sedge
Helicopsyche borealis    Cinnamon caddis, Speckled peter caddis
Hephemerella walkeri    Olive Dun (2)
Heptagenia sp.    Light Cahill
Heptagenia aphrodite    Pale evening dun
Heptagenia elegantula    Dark Quill Gordon, Western yellow drake, Grey drake
Heptagenia hebe    Light Blue Wing Olive
Heptagenia simplicoides    Red Quill, Grey Drake
Hesperoperla pacifica    Pacific Stonefly, Small golden stone, Golden stone
Hesperophylax sp.    Silver Striped Sedge
Hexagenia altrocaudata    Slate Drake (2)
Hexagenia limbata    Giant Michigan Mayfly (2), Big Yellow May, Dark Michigan May, Great Olive Winged Drake, Great Leadwing Drake, Light Michigan Mayfly
Hexagenia recurvata    Dark Green Drake (3), Brown Drake
Hydatophylax sp.    Giant Cream Sedge
Hydropsyche sp.    Cinammon Caddis, Light wing medium brown body caddis #16-20, Light wing tan body caddis #18-20, Medium wing tan body caddis #16-22, Spotted Sedge
Hydropsyche betteni    Cinammon Caddis
Hydropsyche bronta    Net Building Caddis, Little olive caddis
Hydropsyche cockerelli    Spotted sedge (2)
Hydropsyche morosa    Cinammon Caddis
Hydropsyche sparna    Cinammon Caddis
Hydropsyche simulans    Net Building Caddis
Hydropsyche symphitopsyche    Tan Caddis
Hydroptila sp.    Micro-caddis
Iron fraudator    Quill Gordon
Isogenus species    Olive stone
Isonychia bicolor    Slate Drake (3), White Gloved Howdy Mayfly (3), Leadwing Coachman (2), Mahohany Dun (2), Grey variant (2), Adams
Isonychia harperi    Slate Drake (3), Leadwing coachman
Isonychia sadleri    Mahogany Dun (2), Dark Olive Dun, Slate Drake, Leadwing coachman
Isoperla bilineata    Little Yellow Stonefly Yellow Sally
Isoperla mormona    Yellow sally (2)
Isoperla signata    Light Brown Stonefly
Isoperla transmarina    Yellow sally
Lepidostoma sp.    Little Plain Brown Sedge
Lepidostoma pluviale    Plain brown sedge
Lepidostoma veleda    Little brown sedge
Leptophlebia cupida    Black Quill (4), Red Quill (2), Borcher's Drake (2), Whirling Dun (2)
Leptophlebia gravestella   Black Quill, Borchers drake
Leptophlebia johnsoni   Iron Blue Dun (5), Blue Quill, Jenny Spinner
Leptophlebia nebulosa   Black Quill, Borchers drake
Leptophlebia pacifica   Black Quill, Borchers drake
Leuctridae sp.   Tiny Late Winter Black Stonefly
Leuctra tenuis    Tiny late winter black stonefly
Leucrocuta sp.    Little Evening Sulphur
Leucrocuta hebe    Little Yellow Quill
Leucrocuta marginalis    Light Cahill (2)
Limnephilus    Summer Flyer Sedge
Limnephilus submonilifor    Creme Caddis
Litobrancha recurvata    Green Drake (2)
Lype diversa    Dark eastern woodland sedge
Macronema    Glossy Wing Sedge
Macrostemum zebratum    Zebra caddis #12
Micrasema rusticum    Tiny black caddis #20
Micrasema scotti    Tiny black caddis #20
Micrasema wataga    Tiny black caddis
Mystacides sp.    Medium Black Caddis, Black Dancer
Mystocides sepulchralis    Black Dancer Caddisfly (2)
Nectopsyche    White Miller Caddis (3)
Nectopsyche albida    White Miller #16
Nectopsyche exquisita    White Miller #16
Nemoura nigritta    Tiny late winter black stonefly
Nemouridae sp.    Tiny Early Winter Black Stonefly, Tiny Late Winter Black Stonefly
Neophylax    Autumn Mottled Sedge
Neureclipsis sp.    Brown checkered summer sedge
Neureclipsis crepuscularis    Little red twilight sedge
Nyctiophylax moestus    Dinky light summer sedge
Oecetis avara    Long horn sedge #16 (3)
Oecetis persimilis    Tan long horn sedge
Oxyethira sp.    Tiny black caddis
Paracapnia angulata    Early black stonefly
Paracapnia opis    Early black stonefly
Paragentina media    Big Golden Stonefly (2)
Paraleptophlebia adoptiva    Blue Quill (10), Little Red Quill #16-18 (2), Slate Wing Mahogony (2), Dark Red Quill, Mahogany Dun
Paraleptophlebia bicornuta    Mahogony Dun
Paraleptophlebia debilis    Small Slate Mahogany Dun (2), Dark Blue Quill
Paraleptophlebia mollis    Blue Quill (4), Dark Blue Quill (4), Jenny Spinner, Small mahogany dun #16-18
Paraleptophlebia packi   Dark Blue Quill, Iron Blue Dun
Perlidae sp.    Giant Brown Stonefly #8-4x
Perlodidae lsogenus    Medium Bown Stonefly (2)
Perlodidae lsoperla    Medium Brown Stonefly
Phasganophora capitata    Great Brown Stonefly
Phryganlidae ptilostomis    Great Orange Sedge Caddis (2)
Platycentropus    Chocolate and Cream Sedge
Polycentropus cinerus    Brown checkered summer sedge
Potomanthus distinctus    Cream Variant, Cream Cahill, Golden Drake, Yellow Drake
Pseudocloen anoka    Tiny Blue Winged Olive (4), Little Medium Olive #22
Pseudocloen carolina    Little Dark Olive #20-22
Pseudocloen dubium    Blue winged olive
Pseudocloen edmunsi    Tiny Western Olive(BWO), Light blue winged olive #20
Pseudocloen futile    Blue winged olive
Pseudocloen punctiventris    Tiny Blue Winged Olive
Pseudocloeon    Tiny Blue Wing Olive
Psilotreta    Dark Blue Wing Sedge, Black caddis
Psilotreta frontalis    Dark blue sedge #14 (3), Dun Caddis
Psilotreta indecisa    Dark blue sedge #14
Psilotreta labida    Dark blue sedge #14
Psychomyia flavida    Dark purple-breasted sedge
Pteronarcys    Black Stonefly #4-6-4x
Pteronarcys californica    Salmonfly (stonefly) (3)
Pteronarcys dorsata    Salmon Fly Stonefly #2-8 (3), Giant Black Stonefly
Ptilostomis    Giant Rusty Sedge
Pycnopsyche    Great Brown Autumn Sedge
Pyryganea    Rusty Sedge
Rhithrogena impersonata   Dark Quill Gordon (3)
Rhithrogena morrisoni    Western march brown (3), Black quill
Rhithrogena undulata    Western black quill, Red quill
Rhyacophila sp    Green Rock Worm, Green Caddis
Rhyacophila bifila    Green sedge (2)
Rhyacophila fenestra    Green Rock Worm Caddis (2)
Rhyacophila fuscula    Green sedge (green rock worm) #14 (2)
Rhyacophila invaria    Green sedge (green rock worm) #14
Rhyacophila manistee    Green sedge (green rock worm) #14
Rhyacophila melita    Green sedge (green rock worm) #14
Rhyacophila vuphipes    Green sedge (green rock worm) #14
Rhyacophilia    Medium wing, medium olive body caddis #16-20
Sephlonurus alternatus    Late Gray Drake (2)
Serratella deficiens    Little Dark Hendrickson
Serratella tibialis    Small Western Hendrickson
Siphlonurus    Black or Gray Drake
Siphlonurus alternatus    Gray Drake #8-10
Siphlonurus occidentalis    Dark Grey Drake, Gray drake, Light Grey Drake
Siphlonurus quebecensis    Cahill Quill (2), Brown Quill, Gray Drake
Siphlonurus rapidus    Early Gray Drake (2)
Siphloplecton basale    Great Speckled Olive Mayfly (2)
Stenacrons    Summer Sulphurs
Stenacron interpunctatum    Light Cahill (3)
Stenonema canadense    Light Cahill (7), Ginger Quill, Cream Cahill
Stenonema frontale    Light Cahill
Stenonema fuscum    Grey Fox (7), Sand Drake (2), Ginger Quill (2)
Stenonema interpunctatum    Light Cahill
Stenonema ithaca    Light Cahill (5)
Stenonema mediopunctatum    Cream Cahill
Stenonema modestum    Cream Cahill (3), Delaware Cahill
Stenonema pulchellum    Cream Cahill (3)
Stenonema vicarium    American March Brown (11)
Stenonemas    Summer Sulphurs
Strophopteryx fasciata    Early Brown Stonefly
Symphitopsyche slossanae    Spotted Sedge
Taeniopteryx    Early Black and Brown Stonefly
Taeniopteryx burksi    Early brown stonefly
Taeniopteryx fasciata    Early Brown Stone
Taeniopteryx maura    Black Tan Stone Black Hares Ear
Taeniopteryx nivalis    Early Black Stonefly (2)
Tricorythodes minutus    Trico (Tiny white winged black mayfly) (4)
Tricorythodes stygiatus    Trico (Tiny White-winged Black) (3)
Wormaldia anilla    Little Autumn Sedge
Wormaldia gabriella    Little Autumn Sedge
Wormaldia moesta    Little Autumn Sedge
IMPORTANT. Genus and/or species of insects are continually being re-classified. The chart below was sent to me by a fly-fisherman in Washington State who states that "Early in my fly-fishing maturation, I developed a keen interest in aquatic entomology, and have pursued it, particularly since retirement, with a zeal my wife believes to be obsessive." I imagine that kind of good natured comment rings a bell with a lot of fly-fishermen.
The information was gathered from a fantastic site at The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)

A major problem I have with the above site is that it does not seem to recognize commom names (or maybe I just don't know how to work the system).

The underlining indicates an error/correction in spelling.
The arrow -> indicates a change in taxonomic classification.
Yellow highlighting indicates a Genus and /or Species needing change.
Green highlighting indicates the corrected Genus and/or Species.

Acentrellacarolina-> turbida
AlloperlasignataIsoperla signata? -> Perlinella
Baetiscingulatus-> flavistriga
Baetishageni-> Diphetor hageni
Baetisheimalishiemalis -> brunneicolor
Baetislevitans-> flavistriga
Baetisparvus-> Diphetor hageni
Baetisphoebus-> flavistriga
Baetispropincuspropinquus -> Pseudocloeon propinquum
Baetispygmaeus-> Acerpenna pygmaea
Baetisvagans-> tricaudatus
Blasturuscupidascupidus -> Leptophlebia cupida
Brachypterafasciata(perhaps) Strophopteryx
Brachypteranigripennis-> Taenionema pallidum
Callibaetis americanus-> ferrugineus hageni
Callibaetiscoloradensis-> ferrugineus hageni
Callibaetisferrugineus-> ferrugineus hageni
Callibaetis nigritus-> ferrugineus hageni
Capniawavmer(no idea)
Ceratopsychebifida-> morosa
Cloeon ingens-> Procloeon
Cynigmulasubaequalis-> Cinygmula
Drunellagrandis-> grandis grandis
EpeorusfraudatorIron fraudator -> Epeorus pleuralis
Ephemerellaattenuata-> Attenella
Ephemerellacornuta-> Drunella
Ephemerellacornutella-> Drunella
Ephemerelladeficiens-> Serratella
Ephemerelladepressa-> Drunella cornuta
Ephemerelladoddsi-> Drunella
Ephemerellaglacialis-> Drunella grandis ingens
Ephemerellagrandis-> Drunella grandis grandis
Ephemerellahecuba-> Timpanoga hecuba hecuba
Ephemerellalata-> Drunella
Ephemerellasimplesimplex-> Danella simplex
Ephemerellawalkeri-> Drunella
Hephemerellawalkeri Ephemerella -> Drunella
Heptageniaaphrodite-> Leucrocuta
Heptageniahebe-> Leucrocuta
Heptageniasimplicoides-> Nixe
Hexageniarecurvata-> Litobrancha
Hydropsychebronta-> Ceratopsyche
Hydropsychecockerelli-> Ceratopsyche
Hydropsychemorosa-> Ceratopsyche
Hydropsychesparna-> Ceratopsyche
Hydropsychesymphitopsyche(genus) Symphitopsyche (no species)
Ironfraudator-> Epeorus pleuralis
Isogenusspecies(no longer a valid genus, w/o species,?)
Isonychiaharperi-> bicolor
Isonychiasadleri-> bicolor
Lepidostomaveleda-> pluviale
Leptophlebiagravestella-> cupida
Nemouranigritta-> Amphinemura
Perlodidaelsogenus(no longer a valid genus, w/o species,?)
Phasganophoracapitata-> Agnetina
Polycentropuscineruscinereus -> Plectrocnemia cinerea
Potomanthusdistinctus-> Anthopotamus
Pseudocloenanoka-> Plauditus punctiventris
Pseudocloencarolina-> Acentrella turbida
Pseudocloendubium-> Plauditus dubius
Pseudocloenedmunsi-> Plauditus punctiventris
Pseudocloenfutile-> Plauditus futilis
Pseudocloenpunctiventris -> Plauditus
Rhyacophilamelita-> mainensis
Rhyacophilavuphipes-> formosa
Stenonemacanadense-> Stenacron interpunctatum
Stenonemafrontale-> Stenacron interpunctatum
Stenonemafuscum-> vicarium
Stenonemainterpunctatum-> Stenacron
Symphitopsycheslossanae-> Ceratopsyche slossonae
Taeniopteryxfasciata-> Strophopteryx

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