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Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos ... Don Kardong

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On long drives, wending our way home from our favourite fishing holes, we sometimes stop for ice cream.

There's no such thing as a bad ice cream. All ice cream is good, it's just that some are more exciting than others. The excitement might be in the colours (pastel to fluorescent), or the taste (soothing cheesecake), or the feel (sherbert tingling on the tongue).

Rating them is therefore extremely difficult. According to statistics, Vanilla is the number one seller in Canada (and most probably the world) but, to us, although vanilla is soothing it is kind of uninteresting. We need something that reflects our time on the river. Sometimes it will be an ice cream that carries the colours of the brookie or the fizz of a leaping brown and sometimes we need the explosion of a silver salmon and at other times we simply need an ice cream that reminds us of the serenity and the beauty of nature (this one is particularly good on a no-fish day).

How many ways are there to describe an ice cream? Too many to include here (we are not wine tasters, we are smelly, sweaty fishermen and, like little kids, we look forward to a treat on our way home).

So, for OUR rating system we will use Vanilla as the baseline zero and score everything else from there up to ten.

Also, what happened to the Haystack (?) and the Chocolate Fudge Frozen Yoghurt (6) and Greener Pastures (8) and Vanilla Peach (1) and Cherry Chocolate Avalanche (6)

Anything with a * has been scored by my kids or by other connoisseurs.

Molly's Dairy Bar (formerly Fundy Dairy Bar).
Located in North River on Highway 311.
Proprietors...Beverly and Gary Whidden.

The following quote by Turhan Tirana was sent to me by Mike Murphy of Nebraska ... "When fishing gets hard, I just switch to smaller and darker flies. Nine times out of ten, that works. Could you spot an ice cream cone across that street? Of course you could! The same way, a trout can see a small fly."

Scotsburn Ice Cream

(N) contains nuts and/or may contain nut residues. (G) contains gluten. (P) contains peanuts
Banana: An excellent taste sensation of fresh banana in smooth creamy ice cream.

Black Raspberry Cheesecake: (7.5) Swirls of sweet raspberry fruit in our premium cheesecake ice cream.

Brownies on the Moon: (8) Chocolate brownie chunks with marshmallow swirls in chocolate ice cream. (G)

Bubble Gum: (7.5*) Real gum pieces in blue bubble gum ice cream.

Butter Pecan: Crunchy roasted pecans in buttery flavoured ice cream. (N)

Butterscotch Ripple: Swirls of butterscotch ribbon in creamy vanilla ice cream.

Cherry Vanilla: Vanilla ice cream with lots of juicy, red maraschino cherry pieces.

Chocolate: Rich milk chocolate, cold and delicious.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: (8) Chunks of soft chewy cookie dough and chocolate chips in sweet creamy ice cream. (N-G)

Chocolate HoofPrints: (7.5) Rich chocolate ice cream with swirls of caramel ripple and delicious chocolate covered caramel cups. (N)

Chocolate Mint Chip Fudge: Green mint ice cream loaded with real chocolate chips and a rich fudge ripple spun throughout.

Chunky Chocolate Cheesecake: Chunks of melt in your mouth chocolate and dark chocolate ripple in our rich cheesecake ice cream. (N)

Cookies 'n Fudge: Chocolate coated cookie pieces surrounded by chocolate fudge in creamy vanilla ice cream. (G)

Cotton Candy: (8.5*) The unmistakable flavour of the country fair that everyone loves.

Dalmation Sensation: (5) Rich and creamy vanilla ice cream with a generous helping of crunchy chocolate covered almonds. (N)

Death by Chocolate: Rich dark Dutch chocolate ice cream with a superb chocolate ripple scattered with double chocolate truffles and dark chocolate flakes. (N)
Dinosaur Bones: (7) Chocolate chunks buried in mounds of Jurassic green ice cream swirled with Brontosaurus blue marshmallow ribbon. (N)

French Vanilla: A superior ice cream richly flavoured with a French Vanilla base of the finest quality.

Grapenut: A Scotsburn specialty; crunchy grapenuts in a grapenut flavoured ice cream. (C)

Heavenly Hash: Chocolate ice cream swirled with marshmallow and generous quantities of chocolate chips and almond Dieces. (N)

HoofPrints: (9) Rich and creamy toffee flavoured ice cream swirled with a chocolate fudge ripple and overflowing with luscious melt in your mouth chocolate caramel cups. (N)

Licorice: (7) That old time flavour favourite that makes you feel like a child again.

Mango Tango: (9) A refreshing taste sensation blending tropical mango sherbet with our light vanilla ice cream.

Maple Walnut: Crunchy roasted walnuts in maple ice cream. (N)

Mocha Fudge: (7) Premium coffee flavoured ice cream swirled with a totally awesome chocolate fudge ripple.

Monkey Business: Peanut butter cups smothered in a creamy banana flavoured ice cream and heavily sprinkled with peanut butter bits. (P)

Moon Mist: (8*) A mix of banana, grape and bubble gum ice cream, truly out of this world.

Orange Cream Supreme: (7) A twist of tangy orange sherbet in light vanilla ice cream, low in fat, big in flavour.

Orange Pineapple: Tangy chunks of citrus in orange flavoured ice cream.

Peanut Butter Fudge Crunch: A delectable peanut butter ice cream with thick rich fudge sauce and graham cracker crunch pieces. (P-N-C)

Pecan Pie: (9) Creamy vanilla ice cream overflowing with ribbons of English toffee and mounds of pecans and pecan crunch pieces. (N-C)
Puppy Paws: A chocolate fudge ripple with chocolate covered caramel cups in a delicious toffee based ice cream. (N)

RazzMaTazz: (7) An elegant combination of our French vanilla ice cream, chocolate raspberry cups and a twist of black raspberry ripple. (N)

Strawberry: Delicious, ripe, red strawberries in strawberry ice cream.

Strawberry Cheesecake: (7.5) Luscious cheesecake ice cream with a flavourful strawberry marble swirl.

Supermix: Smooth vanilla ice cream with a caramel sauce spun through buttered roasted pecans, chocolate cookie pieces, toffee candy and chocolate flakes. (N-G)

Tiger: Yellow ice cream with dark chocolate tiger stripes.

Turtle Tracks: Chocolate covered caramel turtles buried in a creamy caramel flavoured ice cream with an added mix of praline almonds and pecans. (N)

Udderly Devine: (6) Creamy vanilla ice cream with swirls of chewy fudge chocolate surrounding scrumptious peanut butter filled chocolate cups. (P)

Vanilla: A smooth and creamy favourite, with just the right amount of vanilla flavour.

Wild Blueberry Cheesecake: (7.5) Swirls of wild blueberries in our scrumptious cheesecake flavoured ice cream.


Peach: Chunks of real fruit and a delicate peach background, a real winner.

Strawberry: (6) Enjoy this unique, low fat flavour sensation; just the right level of tartness brings out all the delicious fruit flavour.

Vanilla: Refreshing low fat alternative with a creamy texture and lots of vanilla flavour.


Strawberry: The sweet taste of strawberries buried in creamy frozen yogourt.


Over the Rainbow: (8.5) A cool and colourful blend of fat free orange, lemon and lime sherbet.
New for 2002 Gimme S'more: (8) A flavourful vanilla base with crunchy marshmallow graham pieces and swirls of dark chocolate ice cream.Canadian Maple: (6.5) Flavoured with real maple syrup.
Peppermint Fudge: (6) A colourful blend of red and green peppermint pieces and chocolate chunks in our finest vanilla.   
New for 2005 Creme CaramelFudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt
Grasshopper Soup Mousse on the LoosePraline Pumpkin Passion
New for 2007

ToffeeAlmond Chill: (9) Roasted almonds and flavourful caramel bits in butter toffee ice cream. (N, S)
Pralines and Cream: A classic combination of crunchy praline pecans in rich vanilla ice cream swirled with creamy English toffee ripple. (N)Roasted Marshmallow: The authentic flavour of campfire-roasted marshmallows with chunks of chocolate crisp and swirls of creamy marshmallow. (G, S)

Farmers Ice Cream (40 flavours)

Flavours not shown can be seen at Farmers web site
Ginger: (7.5) A time-tested favourite. Juicy ginger pieces generously dispersed in smooth ice cream. Bizzy Bee: (8) This honey caramel flavoured ice cream is swarming with buttered almond toffee pieces, riddled with a honey caramel swirl.Java Jolt: (9) Freshly perked Colombian coffee-flavoured ice cream showered with chocolate-covered coffee cups.
Mom's Apple Pie: (6.5) Real apple pie chunks dispersed amongst creamy vanilla.Spuds in Mud: (6.5) Chocolate ice cream containing oreo? crumbs and yogourt covered raisins. 

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