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For the past several years we've been attending the Sportfish Management Volunteer Workshop at Kejimkujik National Park. It has given us the chance to meet fisherman from all over the province and to learn much more about the lives of trout.

On April 25th, 2014, we went there a day before the meeting to catch and keep a live trout for the next days presentation. It snowed! We didn't catch any fish.

Up to and including 2016 our organizer and donut supplier was Rick Brunt. Rick passed away shortly after giving his last presentation. A man of the outdoors, Rick was full of stories and the kind of person that would always try his best to help you out. His email signature line was, "A man needs to believe in something so I believe I'll go fishing." From here on in the first trout we catch in Keji will be named "Rick".
We have been extremely lucky in that Darrin Reid has turned out to be a very worthy successor of Rick's efforts.

Because of its association with The Tent Dwellers, and as part of the trout tagging programme, we have been lucky enough to fish one of our most favourite spots in all of Nova Scotia - Peskowesk Brook. On top of that we have been doubly lucky to have fished alongside one of the most knowledgeable and most likable fisherman that we have ever met - Reg Baird. To watch Reg fish is to be taken back in time, the whole world seems to slow down when Reg decides to flicks a fly.

The undulating walk to the head of the brook is along a wide trail covered in pine needles. In years past I would virtually run this route but nowadays I am down to a crawl with many rests in-between. It's worth it though because there always seems to be a bunch of trout rising to whatever is hatching. At times they are really picky, which makes for interesting fishing, and at other times they'll take anything that looks edible (a situation that is typical of many of the places we fish). This lovely stretch of water is one of the few places that I fish with my seven foot bamboo rod, it is my way of paying homage to Eddie and Albert of The Tent Dwellers. We measure, weigh, and tag the trout that we land and hopefully contribute our little bit to the database that Reg has been keeping these past umpteen years.

Reg holding Fishgirl's trout, tag number X40.

Reg Baird and Ray Sanford measuring a trout.

A Peskowesk frog.

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