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I have always been confused by Maxima's method of rating their Chameleon leader/tippet material.

Most manufacturers use an 'x' rating plus a line diameter. Maxima chooses to rate theirs by poundage.

When tieing a custom leader most formula employ a line diameter to create the taper.

I am befuddled as to why Maxima do not include this figure on their spools.

The following table, taken from the W.W. Doak catalog, attempts to correct this omission.

NOTE : These figures were obtained using a micrometer.

Leader formulae  A really interesting page from Killroy.

2015 Update.
An email from Mike in the Pacific Northwest kindly pointed out that Maxima now includes the line diameters on their spools.
So, I went to my local Canadian Tire store to check this out but could not find one spool showing the this information (perhaps we're a bit behind the times here on the East coast).
A week later I visited our local fishing store and once again could not find one spool showing the diameter.
However, I did find the line diameters listed (in mm) on the Maxima International web site.
The chart has been corrected to show the Maxima diameters in inches.

Lb/test Diameter X
1 .003" 7
2 .005" 5
3 .006" 4
4 .007" 3
5 .008" 2
6 .009" 1
8 .010" -
10 .012" -
12 .013" -
15 .015" -
20 .017" -
25 .020" -
30 .022" -
40 .024" -

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