Orange trout and salmon flies

I have found an orange Mickey Finn will outfish the regular one about two-to-one ... Reg Baird

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I recently read an article in the autumn 2011 issue of the Trout and salmon magazine regarding a trout's preference for orange flies. The author states that ... "there is another element that makes the colour orange important to fly-tyers - it's called Snell's Circle."
"The following photograph shows Snell's Circle - the rainbow band that exists between the trout's window (white in the photograph) and mirror (grey in the photograph). Light-coloured insects flare orange as they cross the circle."

I have had success with all of the following flies.
I was told the Orange Klinkhamer was only fit for warm-water species (this was after I'd hooked a fifteen-inch brookie).
A grilse latched on to the Orange Puppy, ran right between my legs and gave me a painful wedgie with the line when he jumped behind me.
Lester the Lobster hooked a nice twelve-pounder.
The Orange bug has taken countless fish.
The Orange Mud Hopper and the Queen of the Waters are fun to fish with for young trout on small streams.

Orange Klinkhamer

Hook : Partridge GRS15ST, 12 - 16
Thread : Orange
Body : Orange dubbing
Thorax : 3 strands of peacock herl
Hackle : Brown tied parachute style
Wing : White poly yarn

Orange Mud Hopper

Hook : 10, 2x
Thread : Grey
Tail : Red barbules and a short piece of orange floss or wool
Body : Orange floss or wool
Hackle : Brown palmered
Wing : Deer hair on top of shank
Head : Spun deer hair clipped short underneath

Orange bug

Hook : Dry fly, 6 - 10
Thread : Orange
Tail : Deer hair or red squirrel tail
Body : Spun deer hair trimmed to shape
Hackle : Orange

Queen of the waters

Hook : 10-16, 1x
Thread : Black or cream
Tail : Grey mallard or golden pheasant tippets (optional)
Body : Burnt orange wool or dubbing
Hackle : Ginger or brown palmered
Wing : Mallard breast or flank
Orange Mickey Finn

Reg Baird's version
Hook : Mustad 3665a, 6 - 10
Thread : Orange
Tail : Yellow mallard flank (optional)
Body : Silver metallic braid
Wing : Yellow over orange over yellow goat hair

Orange Bomber

Hook : 4 - 6, 4x
Thread : Orange
Tail : White calf tail
Body : Spun deer hair trimmed to shape
Hackle : Orange
Wing : White calf tail

Orange Puppy

Hook : 4 - 10, 2x - 4x
Thread : Black
Tag : Embossed silver tinsel
Tail : Orange hackle fibres
Body : Black chenille
Wing : Grey squirrel tail
Throat : Orange hackle
Collar : Burnt orange chenille

Lester the Lobster

Hook : Mustad 9672, 2 - 8
Thread : Fluorescent red
Beak : Fluorescent red thread or copper tinsel
Tail : 2 to 4 strands of orange Krystal Flash and orange bucktail (mine is way overdressed)
Rib #1 : 4-pound-test clear monofilament (wound after all other steps are complete)
Back : 1/4" - 1/8" wide orange surveyors tape pulled over body after hackle and rib
Rib #2 : Oval copper tinsel
Hackle : Orange palmered
Body : Orange wool tapered
Eyes : Black
Head : Fluorescent red thread with a v-shaped tail

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