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KlinkThe Klinkhamer Special
I wonder if Hans van Klinken knew how popular this fly would become when he first tied it? My favourite is caddis green with a brown hackle (other colors : olive/brown; cinnamon/brown). Hans original pattern called for a tan body and dun hackle. Correct hook is the Partridge GRS15ST. I use this from the beginning of the caddis hatch to the end of the season.

Zonker MuddlerThe Muddler Minnow
My old buddy Jim starts and ends with this fly. It is on his rod when he gets out of the truck. To watch him dabble it in a small stream is a delight. My favourite is the zonker strip pattern. Natural or white rabbit strip, silver or gold ribbing and body. And throw on a cone head for added weight.

ParachutesParachute flies
I prefer to use parachute flies for all my mayflies and stoneflies. Maybe it's because I find them easier to tie than a traditional dry (I don't have to be so fussy about tail length and hackle size). On the first day of April it's a number sixteen black stonefly and on the last day of September (if they're hatching) it's a number twelve Light Cahill mayfly. Body colours, hackles and tails to match the natural. I like the Tiemco 101 straight eye hooks.

BugOrange hackled deer hair bug
There's not too many of my friends that don't carry this creature. It is the perfect fly for a dropper rig when visibility is a must. By itself this fly has caught some beautiful brookies. I have to say that the trout really seem to enjoy leaping for this one. It is the one fly that our Newfie guides recommended for both salmon and trout.
Mud HopperThe Orange Mud Hopper
This is one of those flies that I found one day while researching trout flies that use orange. I had good luck the first time it hit the water. It works for me from mid-May onwards, is great in rivers, and can be fished dry or wet.

BeadGold beadhead nymph
Tied with the bead on top of the hook, a-la the Leadhead nymph, it drifts upside-down and is less likely to snag. 1/8 or 5/32 gold bead, chocolate brown body, pheasant or brown mallard tail, gold wire rib. This has hooked some biggg fish.

Other favourites :

Picket Pin
Fished dry or wet.

Salmon flies :

The Blue Charm and the Undertaker.


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