Nova Scotia angling regulations

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This is my abridged version of the Nova Scotia Angling Regulations.
A complete copy of the regulations is included when purchasing a license.

You are required to purchase a general fishing license or a salmon fishing license to angle in the waters of Nova Scotia, with the following exceptions :
1. No license is required to angle in tidal waters, however seasons and bag limits are still in effect.
2. No license is required to fish in legally constructed private ponds or 'U-Fish' operations.
3. Residents and non-residents under the age of sixteen do not require a license except for salmon.
4. A provincial license is not valid in a National Park. A special license may be purchased in the park.

1. Trout, Bass, Landlocked Salmon.  April 1 to September 30.
2. Atlantic Salmon.  Varies for each river. The Margaree is June 1 to the end of October. Fly fishing only.

Fees for 2012
General Fishing Licenses and salmon fishing licenses are available from the Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture department and from authorized vendors.
1. General license for non-resident (7 day) $33.72 (Canadian)
2. Salmon fishing license for non-resident (7 day) $61.73 (Canadian)

Bag Limits
1. Trout - Brook (speckled), Brown, Rainbow, Lake (grey).
Not more than five of any one species or any combination of trout species. Five maximum in your possession at any time.
The Musquodoboit River, Lumsden Pond and Christopher Lakes have a limit of two fish.
After August 31 no brook trout can be retained. Hook and release only from September 1 to September 30. Bag limit reduced to zero.
2. Landlocked salmon. Bag limit two. There is a minimum and a maximum size limit on landlocked.
3. Smallmouth Bass. Bag limit five.
4. Atlantic Salmon. Varies each year. Check with DFO.

You have the right to go on foot along the banks of any river, stream or lake and upon and across any uncultivated lands and Crown lands to lawfully fish with rod and line in these rivers, streams or lakes; you also have the right to use a boat or canoe on or across any river stream or lake. Does not apply to city or town water supply waters.
These rights do not in any way limit or restrict the right of any owner or occupant to compensation for actual damages caused by anyone going upon or crossing such lands in order to fish, and do not give anyone fishing the right to build fires upon these lands.
Under The Property Act you are NOT allowed to go across lands that are fenced or marked by signs (i.e. No Trespassing or Private Property).

Non-residents do not need a guide to fish in Nova Scotia.

For a full copy of the regulations go to Nova Scotia Inland Fisheries

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