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From now on, nothin' for me but fishin'! And no more wabbits! ... E. Fudd

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Favourite patterns
The rubber band caddis pupa
Orange flies for trout and salmon
Zonker strip muddler
Tom Lee's bakers dozen
Pattern/Latin cross reference table
Old timer patterns
Parachute patterns
Red and/or yellow flies for NS
Minnow patterns
The golden stonefly
The Tent Dwellers flies

Nova Scotia hatch chart
Fishing Woodens River
Requiem for the Mill Pond
Maxima leader diameter v poundage
Low back pain and fly fishing.
Brook trout weight v length
Visitor fishing regulations
The bug aquarium
Wandering willows

The fly casting contest
Four in the morning
The Tangier River
Boyhood fishing memories
The last salmon of our Newfie trip
Me and my buddies at the U-Fish
Memories of the Muddler
"The lyin seasun  is upon us"
Some short, fishing related, anecdotes
Fishgirl's first salmon
A natural fly
Does a bear?
The Main Event
My first ever salmon
The Tickmobile
Our Honeymoon
Vintage Vernon
Lovable Leslie
The tale of a coyote
A couple of Newfie troutin' trips
Fantasy fishing
Nova Scotia and fishing sayings
Favourite fishing books and videos
Flyfishing links
Suggested gear for our rivers
Ice cream and fishing
Web page design tips
Wild flowers
The silver screen
I remember - people and places

My father's WWII diary:
Dad's home page
North Africa
Old Army songs
Roll call
Quotes and sayings
After the war
Links to similar sites
Dad's brother - Thomas (Bertie) Donoghue