The Tent Dwellers Flies

Sports fishing in Nova Scotia in 1908 - by Albert Bigelow Paine

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Parmachene Belle

Hook : Wet fly 8-14
Tail : Red and white barbules
Body : Yellow floss
Rib : Flat gold
Throat : Red and white barbules
Wing : White, red, white quilll

Jenny Lind
This fly was designed and tied, back in the 1850's, by a Mrs. O'Connell of Halifax, Nova Scotia. There are variations. It is believed that the original was tied using blue quill.

Hook : Wet fly 8-14
Tail : Lavender barbules
Body : Yellow floss
Rib : Flat gold
Throat : Furnace brown or lavender or red
Wing : Lavender, red, lavender quill

Jock Scott

Hook : Salmon or wet fly size 6 -12
Tag: Silver
Tail : Red over yellow marabou
Body : Rear half golden yellow, front half black
Rib : Silver
Throat : Guinea fowl
Wing : Brown over blue over red over yellow marabou
Optional Jungle cock eyes
For a good video on tying this small fly visit Davie McPhail

Absorbent Cotton

Hook : Salmon or wet fly size 10 - 12
Body : Absorbent Cotton
To quote Albert, "merely tying a bit of white absorbent cotton to a plain black hook."
I kind of think this might imitate a drifting caddis larva.

Miller dry fly

Hook : Dry fly 10-16
Tail : White barbules
Body : White
Hackle : White
Optional white wings
Anyone who has even a fleeting thought of fishing in Nova Scotia (or elsewhere) should read this book.

From the back cover ...
Written with wit and simplicity, the fast-moving narrative captures the drama and enjoyment of the gentle art of fishing and the adventure, comraderie and appeal of life in the outdoors.
But the special feature of this book is the authors' feelings for nature and the wilderness. Paine sought and found in it that which satisfied the longing of the soul.

Note: I am not a good tyer and I frequently substitute materials and simplify the recipe. I don't think the trout care too much - as long as it looks edible to them.

Silver Doctor

Hook : Salmon or wet fly 6-12
Thread : Red
Tag : Flat gold
Tail : Golden pheasant crest over which are blue barbules
Butt : Red wool
Body : Flat silver
Rib : Oval silver
Throat : Teal barbules over blue barbules
Wing : Red, blue, yellow quill, over which is pheasant tail

Dark Montreal

Hook : Wet fly 8-16
Tail : Claret barbules
Body : Claret floss
Rib : Flat gold
Throat : Claret barbules
Wing : Mottled turkey

Brown Hackle red tag

Hook : Wet fly 10-16
Tail : Red barbules or Golden pheasant tippets
Body : Peacock herl
Rib : Gold wire (optional)
Hackle : Brown hen

Tin Whistle

The Tin Whistle was probably a spinner/lure and not a fly.
However, Albert said it looked like a Phantom Minnow and something close to that is the Thunder Creek series of flies.

Tying a marabou variation (instead of deer hair) of this type of fly can be seen at Marabou

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