Brook trout - weight v length

Fish are always two inches longer,if not better than that, before they are caught ... Ben Hur Lampman

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So ya thought that twelve inch brookie weighed a pound !
Well, guess again !

An 11" (8oz) Newfoundland Nor'east Brook brookie
hooked on a Zonker Muddler.

A 15" (1lb 6oz) Nova Scotia Woodens River brookie
hooked on an Orange Klinkhamer.

And here's an interesting formula found in a booklet put out by the Sportman Cigarette Company back in the fifties...

Square of girth (inches) x length (inches) ÷ 800 = approximate weight.
Example: (13 ² x 23.75) ÷ 800 = approx. weight
13 x 13 = 169 x 23.75 = 4,013 ÷ 800 = 5lbs approx.
10" 6oz
13.51lb 0oz
14"1lb 2oz
14.5"1lb 4oz
15" 1lb 6oz
15.5"1lb 8oz
16"1lb 11oz
16.5"1lb 11oz
17"2lb 0oz
17.5"2lb 4oz
18"2lb 7oz
18.5"2lb 10oz
19"2lb 14oz
19.5"3lb 2oz
20"3lb 6oz
20.5"3lb 10oz
21"3lb 15oz
21.5"4lb 3oz
22"4lb 8oz
22.5"4lb 13oz
23"5lb 3oz
23.5"5lb 9oz
24"5lb 15oz

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