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November 2017
Kejimkujik added

October 2017
Fantasy fishing added

April 2016
The Tent Dwellers flies added

January 2015
Maxima leader page updated

December 2013
Total redesign of site.
Local fly tying clubs, Nova Scotia fly, Reverse hackly fly, Songs and Email pages removed (the first three are included on the "Links" page).
A few pages updated.

January 2013
Home page updated
Thoughts and Opinions updated

November 2012
Crossword added

August 2012
Fishgirl's first salmon added

July 2012
Anecdotes updated
Thoughts updated

January 2012
Home page updated
Thoughts and opinions updated
I remember - people and places updated

December 2011
Newfie troutin' trips added
The silver screen added
I remember - people and places added

August 2011
ePub books added
Sayings page updated

March 2011
Reverse hackle fly added
Thoughts updated
The tale of a coyote? added

April 2010
Anecdotes updated

May 2010
Golden stonefly added
Thoughts updated

April 2010
Anecdotes updated

January 2010
Anecdotes updated
Books updated
Liars updated
Sayings updated

January 2009
Vintage Vernon added to Tales
Lovable Leslie added to Tales

April 17 2008
Grandma added to Anecdotes

April 2008
Nova Scotia's provincial fly added to Patterns

Jan 2008
Inside out and mouse trap added to Thoughts
Books updated
Sayings updated
Guiding added to Anecdotes

July 2007
Hooks added to Thoughts

February 2007
Touchdown added to Thoughts

January 2007
Our honeymoon added to Tales
Next means Later added to Thoughts page.
Old patterns expanded on Old-time patterns page

June 2006
The Tickmobile added to Tales
Taken For Granted added to Thoughts page.

April 2006
A couple of items added to Thoughts page.

April 2006
Wandering willows added to Truths
Several items added to Thoughts page.

January 2006
Every three years this site goes through a redesign. The new colours are based on sepia tones.
The Main Event added to Tales
Blackflies added to Truths
Songs added to General
Orange fly page modified.
First ever salmon resurrected on Tales page.
Water and Hair Today added to Thoughts
Teamwork added to Anecdotes
Blue fly page retired.

June 2005
Comeandgetme added to Anecdotes
Several new flowers added to Wild Flowers

April 2005
Spring ahead added to Thoughts page.

January 2005
Thoughts page added to General. The Anecdotes page was getting too big so I split it and created the Thoughts page.

January 2005
Wild flowers added to General page.
Does a bear? added to Tales
Waderminute added to Anecdotes

December 2004
Gunned Down added to Anecdotes
Recent clearcutting added to Mill Pond requiem

September 2004
Wind Knots and A Skunks Tail added to the Anecdotes page

June 2004
Litobrancha recurvata (brown/green/grey drake) added to hatch chart

May 2004
A couple of anecdotes added to the Anecdotes page

April 2004
Red and/or yellow flies for NS added.
Between da ponds added
A natural fly added
Minnow patterns added

January 2004
Pattern/Latin cross reference Updated chart added.
Book page updated to include Entomology

April 2003
The bug aquarium added.

March 2003
Faith flies, Secret spots and 'Now he can have me' added to Anecdotes page.
Web page design tips added.

Aug 2002
The Weather added to Anecdotes page.

July 2002
Healing Beyond the Body by Larry Dossey, M.D. added to Book page.
Emails page updated

June 2002
Any Luck? and Deet added to Anecdote page

April 2002
Emails page updated

March 2002
ATV regulations added to Anecdote page

February 2002
Muddler's memories .. Ingram River added
Ole Anderson's passing

Late January 2002
The zonker strip muddler .. three new patterns
Pattern/Latin cross reference
Woodens River .. Five Island Lake clean-up completed

January 2002
Some short, fishing related, anecdotes
The zonker strip muddler
Marabou patterns

December 2001
The reverse hackle .. instructions and pictures removed
Sayings .. three of four new sayings added
Muddler's memories .. 'Grass fishing' added

November 2001
Suggested gear for our rivers
Fishing emails from the past
Ice cream and fishing
Cone head patterns page retired